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Beast Legion is a project that I am extremely passionate about. This comic is my life’s work & I’m very grateful to the awesome people mentioned below who have joined this journey with me through Patreon & helped my carry this comic forward by donating their valuable time & money. If you Wish to support my comic or even my art in general, do think about contributing towards my patreon campaign. I would like nothing more than to make my comic & my art personal art a full time career. In turn you get access to some exclusive art, early page, work process & much more each month. You can contribute by visiting the following image link below & you will also be featured here in the ‘Hall Of Heroes’ page here. Thank you for your support.

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Zenobia Guzdar


Corey Mikell (Spacepop)
Patrick Ireland

Elite Warriors

Eric Queen
Raghvendra Kamath
J Quincy Sperber
Jerry Banfield
Jyotin Homavazir (Daddy)

Rebel Camp
Manish Sinha
Bob Gerkin
Val Brazier
Juhi Mendiratta