Issue 012: Confronting Rage


Issue 013 : Clash Of Wills

Xeus confronts the Beast better prepared, as the battle to determine their fates will be commence. Who will come out on top?

Issue 014: The Wizards Salvation

Issue 14 Splash Page

Issue 001: Darkness Rising

As Lithopia celebrates the young Prince's Anointment, a forgotten Evil resurfaces.
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Issue 002: Attack on Lithopia

The Shadow Nexus unleashes an all out onslaught on the Lithopian Capital city. Xeus & the queen set out to evacuate but are in hot pursuit by a Shadow Nexus General.

Issue 003: Fond Memories

Despite Master Surya's warning Xeus sets out on a solo quest beyond the sanctuary but ends up facing some demons of the past.

Issue 004: To Face The Enemy

Xeus' infiltration into the Lithopian Palace brings him face to face with the very Shadow Nexus General who chased him & his mother down,Gorgorath. Can Xeus overcome the odds?

Issue 005: Leviatha Unleashed

After a bitter defeat at the hands of Dragos, Master Surya prepares Xeus for a grueling training to restore his confidence. Meanwhile Dragos calls for the demon princess of the deep, Leviatha to attack the city of Subtopia.

Issue 006: The Beast Unchained

The Beast is finally unleashed... but the transformation isn't going as Master Surya planned. Find out what happens in the action packed issue.

Issue 007: Mistress of the Flames

On his way to master his new found power, Xeus takes a detour when he sees some Shadow cronies chasing a stranger. However that stranger isn't as helpless as Xeus thinks she is.
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Issue 008: The Bonds we Share

Xeus fends off the brutes, however Sglutton m,anages to capture Fyre & has devious plans for her. Can Xeus rile up the villagers to attack Sglutton's base before it's too late?

Issue 009: That Monster, My Friend

Sglutton unleashes a mutated Fyre upon Xeus, Njora & the rebellion. can Xeus muster up the resolve to face & defeat his newly found friend or will the creature put an end to Xeus journey before it's barely begun?

Issue 010: Past Sorrows

Xeus follows Fyre to help her achieve her goal, but Fyre is focused to treading the path alone. Can Xeus convince her to trust him?

Issue 011: Creator

Xeus & Fyre finally land at Master Grotto's sanctuary, but the sage is only ready to accept one apprentice. Who will it be?