Surprise page update! After Sglutton’s failure the hunt for Xeus is on & preparations are in full swing at Fort Dominion.

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I’m glad the traffic on the site is growing slowly & steadily. Just want to thank all those who drop by for sharing their interest in my comic. I would love to hear your opinions & thoughts on the story & interact more. If you enjoy the comic please don’t forget to share it with your friends & spread the word.

So for those of you who know I’m a huge Naruto fan & someone just shared this Awesome video on facebook with me. So I thought why not share it with you guys too. It’s long but worth every sec…

Also, 2 days back I created an art of Lord Shiva, who is the King of Gods of Indian Mythology & is an embodiment of the universe itself.. an overseer of sorts. JUst thought I’d share this art with my fellow Beast Legion fans. Your opinion is appreciated.

Lord Shiva – The Universal Overseer by JazylH on DeviantArt

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