What is The Beast Legion?

The Beast Legion is a fantasy manga that follows the exploits of Xeus, a Prince who was forced to flee his homeland when it was attacked by the Evil Shadow Nexus under the command of the Warlock, Dragos. After 7 years Xeus must now set forth on his quest to free his homeland from the forces of Darkness by mastering an ancient power of the Gaurdian Beasts of Lithopia.

What are Beast Transfers?

Beast Transfers are artifacts the transform the one who wears them into a beast with Awesome powers. Both sides, good & Evil have their own unique Beast Transfers that vary in power.

About the Creator?

I, Jazyl Homavazir am an aspiring 2d animator , freelance Illustrator from Mumbai, India, with a diploma in Animation. I’ve done work on several projects both corporate & personal. I’m also a big fan of 80’s shows like He-man & Thundercats which I must admit have made alot of impact on my choice of being an artist & Animator & in some respects even coming up with the idea of the Beast Legion. My favourite anime include Naruto & Fullmetal alchemist but the full list goes on & on.

You can check more of my art & commission works over at http://jazylh.deviantart.com

Where can we find more of you art?

You can find alot of my art & animation I’ve done over the years over at http://www.jazyldeviantart.com I do not have an official site yet but DA is kinda like mt web home. I do accept commissions from time to time but you’ll have to note me in case you want one on Deviantart.

Are you the sole creator of The Beast Legion?

Yes. I do everything from conceptualizing, writing, drawing & shading of the manga all on my own. Currently I do not have the budget to hire help but maybe someday I’ll be able to lessen the load. You are free to submit fan art but you cannot use the characters in any story without permission.

How often does the comic update?

The Comic updates twice a week on Monday’s & Fridays.

How long have you been working on this project?

It’s been a while. I started working on the concept back in 2006, my drawing skills weren’t very good at the time. I only took the concept a lot more seriously when I entered it for the Animax Pan Asia Competition. Although it didn’t qualify for the finals, I learned a lot about character development & story planning by researching.

If the comic continues for a while & everything goes well, how many issues can we expect?

Technically I have roughed out a 52 episode guide. Usually in comic form a single comic covers half an episode. Yeah I’m not very good at thumb nailing sequentials & I get carried away at times. ;D So I’d say somewhere close to 70 issues for a series to complete if I skip a few less important episodes. But right now I’m relatively free. Not sure once I get a job. 😀

What formats is the comic available in?

I guess so far this has been confusing. Well let me put it to light. I want the Beast Legion to reach as many people as possible.

The comic is available both online & in Print

I want you guys to enjoy each and every adventure that Xeus has. So coming to the topic, the manga is completely free to read online at http://www.thebeastlegion.com

But that’s not enough, You can order printed copies of each comic over at http://www.indyplanet.com . Remember that each printed issue has a unique cover art as well as pin-up art done by some of the Awesome artists here on DA! Buying the printed version not only gives you access to exclusive art but also supports the cost that it takes to put the comic together as well as maintaining the site.

Is the comic mirrored on any web comics site?

Yes you can check it out on drunk duck. It’ll be posted on a 2 page a week basis.


How long does it take to make a single page?

I can’t say this for sure. The way I work is I first draw the line rt for all pages, then shade them & then do the lettering. But if you ask me, I’d say approximately 3-4 hours.

What do I do if I want to submit fan art to the Beast Legion site?

I am always looking forward to your takes on any characters from the mythos. Trust me there will be lots once the mythos goes ahead. So if you want to have your art featured on the site you can either use the Contact Us section of the site & paste a link to the image or upload it in this groups fan art folder.

What are the various sources through which I can receive updates?

www.thebeastlegion.deviantart.com This DA group will keep you up to date on the latest as well as have contests & stuff. We’ll be having a major contest this September so make sure you join this group.

And even follow the latest updates via twitter at www.twitter.com/thebeastlegion

If you guys have any questions feel free to mail me using the ‘Contact ‘ page  & I’ll be Happy to answer them.

Will your site take part in link & banner exchanges?

Yes we will be adding a links section  to the site where you’ll be able to exchange links 7 if it’s webcomic I love I’ll even list it free. Otherwise I plan on having a $5 monthly charge. It will most likely start mid August,2010 so keep checking for details.

How can I support this site?

First of all just being an active reader is support enough for me & I’m thankful to all of ou have followed it so far. The best way to support it is by directing your friends towards the site & the facebook group. Also voting daily on the TWC banner at the bottom of the page makes a lot of impact to the comic’s standing! Alternatively, you can vote at the following link http://topwebcomics.com/vote/10947/default.aspx

As a creator what is your goal for this Concept?

Promise you won’t laugh?!  Well as a big fan of animation I want to see Beast Legion be made into a TV animated series someday. I know that’s wishful thinking but I’m keeping very positive. That’s how I came up with the idea for the concept in the first place. Hopefully someday it’ll reach the right person in the field & spark something interesting. Maybe Someday, maybe not who knows. But I want to get this concept out to as many people as possible, gain feedback & further enhance it. It’s hard work but in the end it always pays off.