Today’s page title truly fits the mood of the day.

February 29th comes once a year but boy does it leave an impact. Not only is it time to share my favourite page of issue 12 in full color, but it’s also a day that will be etched in Hollywood history for Leonardo Dicaprio finally winning the oscar he so deserved.

And to top it off it’s also my cousin sister’s Birthday today. So much positivity. And speaking of positivity some great news for Fyre as our hero successfully touches down into the Beast Realm…Can he save her though…

Also For all my patrons I will be sending out links to the original psd file of the Skeletor Animation today so make sure to check your messages. And last but not the least, to all the readers please vote for us tomorrow over at & also don’t hesitate to like, share & comment on this page. Only you can help Beast Legion grow into something bigger. Have fun!

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