There’s more to this creepo than meets the eye (i mean literally). Dorodjinn reveals his mysterious & strange ability to surprise Brilight.

Today’s day started on a very Awesome note when I read Phil Boroussa’s Facebook status… Young Justice season 3 is coming!! So stoked about it.

Things have been crazy busy on my end for these last few weeks. Apart from working on the kids animated web series Aadi & Friends (Do check out & subscribe at & friends) , I’m also working on 3 other projects + need to get a few prints ready of Comic Con Delhi!!!Can’t wait for that. Frustrating part is I can’t reveal any of those anytime soon but it’s still fun. Haven’t been able to work on a Beast Legion page in over 3 weeks now so ned to start soon. No worries though As there’s a sizable buffer in place so updates will continue every week irrespective.

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