Xeus is all set & ready for his toughest battle yet. Overconfidence or resolve… you decide? Full color page again thanks to my recent Patreon backer Asvin!

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Also wanted to take out some time & shatre another awesome webcomic series that you guys could check out if you haven’t already. It’s ‘HOMINIDS’ by Jordon Kotzebeu. I’ve been reading this comic for a year now & I only got to know about the author when we connected on Instagram. I love his passion for his comic & I think the comic deserves a wider audience. So Do check it out in your free time. But hey, Don’t forget to come back here! I need you! 😛

And last but not the least, Patreon rewards for this month are all ready. It’s a full on fan art month & these digital pieces will not be available once August pledges are in. So if you want to support my work in any little way, now’s the time.

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