Xeus is ready to go, But killjoy Master Grotto doesn’t think so. Enjoy the page. 4 more pages to go for this chapter. Do consider following us on Instagram & Facebook for updates.Also lithopia has six moons, so each moon cycle is about 3 hours.

Also AWESOME news for Indian fans< Beast Legion has partnered with FENIL COMICS who will help in distributing the titles across India. All 3 Volumes (Chapter 1 -11) are now available on their website. Grab your sets now & get limited edition Beast Legion Chibi bookmarks as well as a print of the 5th Anniversary poster for early buyers. So Order NOW!

Beast Legion available at Fenil Comics

Hoping to find ways to publish internationally, but for now International fans can always order the book through our contact form.

EDIT: Also one of my favorite illustrated webcomics Scurry by Mac Smith has begun a Kickstarter Campaign. Do Support it & check his comic out. It’s a visual treat.

Issue 13 is going to be The BEST issue from start to finish, I promise that. Thank you for continuing to support me. I so hope more of you leave comments & help share the content with the world. Part of a webcomics success is also the fans that drive it & I’m lucky to have you guys! Enjoy!