Fyre repents for a mistakes & takes a firm resolve… what will that be?

Also This week I’ll be sharing a little video on Patreon first before I share it on the net. It was a little fan animated project I decoded to start last year but could never make it through as a huge work project had cropped up which was really essential for my portfolio. Patrons will get an early two day access to it before I put it up on youtube.
Also I’m finally going to be taking a month long vacation to Europe with my family after 5 years of work. I’m so hoping I can attend MCM London while I’m there. I’ll mostly try to attend it on the 28th of May, Satuurday. I’ll only be there as a guest though but i hope i run into some of you. :) Any readers in the UK plan on attending this.

For those concerned, Don’t worry the comic will update as usual. 😉

Anyway, I hope you enjoy today’s page.