Talk about a close call…yet not totally safe.

So lately I got to admit apart from working on a project that could pave the way for my future I’ve lately been addicted to playing Naruto Ulrimate Ninja Storm 2. Boy have BanDai Namco crossed all limits of Awesome with that one & if thats not enough Ninja storm 3 releases in 2013. I would honestly recommend every Anime fan to try that game out…heck, most of you might already have. XD

Also The new Wacom Intuos 5 I bought works like a charm. Everything about it is just super & I’m glad i invested in it. If you are thinking of ever taking art seriously as a profession there is no better tool in it’s range that can compete with this tablet.

Anyway enough of that, enjoy today’s page everyone. :) Poor Fyre isn’t.