Here we go. Fyre finally realizes her true purpose. Things are going to get pretty interesting from here on! Full Color page thanks to my latest Patron on Patreon & long time friend, Niraj Patil.

This will not be the last page of the month though. There will be an extra update this Friday, guys. Since I’ll be flying to the UK on Monday I won’t be able to post an update on that day.

I hope you all are enjoying the series unfold & I would really like to hear feedback from all of you who frequently drop by the site for latest updates. Also here’s a very special video compilation of Issue 12’s most emotional scene panel by panel with on of my favourite tracks from Naruto. I had actually planned the whole Fyre Reunion scene keepng this song in mind as I drew the pages. I hope you enjoy it. Do subscribe to my youtube channel & like the video if you are registered. 😀

Also don’t forget to check out my buddy Mac Smith’s beautifully illustrated comic Scurry… If you aren’t reading it already. 😉