A new Enemy appears… And he definitley is a sight for sore eyes. Uh Oh Brilight… guess two can play the whole spy game.

A full color page thanks to my latest patron… Scott Early. If all goes as planned next week will be an animated page & the final page of chapter 12. Please do let me know what you thought about the issue. You can leave your comments here in this post or feel free to write them over at our Facebook page. I’m really anxious to hear from my readers.

Also here’s sharing this months 1st Rewqard for my Patreon backers. By popular demand… Lion-O lord of the Thundercats. So excited that the new figure from Mattel is releasing in the same month. To get access to hi rez version do consider supporting my work over at www.patreon.com/jazyl

Liono Patreon Reward for September

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