…There is still some honor among Evil. Stampede’s looks may be deceptive at times.

Any way I’m not going to drag this post too long, but I’d be grateful if you guys who enjoy the comic would spare some time & vote for it at topwebcomics.com. Simply click on the voting button above the page. The incentive for this week is an omitted page from Issue 6. Remember you can vote once every day. I’m super grateful to all of you who voted for the comic on the very first day of this month. You guys are Awesome!

Secondly, I’m still trying to figure out the problem with the archive page & I hope to get it back to normal with the help of my friend very soon. I see we’ve been getting a lot of new readers since the last two weeks & as always I’m open to hearing your thoughts & feedback on the comic. Just hope you enjoy it.