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Xeus’s will to persevere takes the form of a new armor that might just turn the tides of the battle.

Also Any Game of Thrones fans here. I was blown away by the last episode. What amazing visuals. Bron was a total hero despite being on the wrong side but I can’t wait to see him & Tyrion reuniting. Please make it happen! Explosive ep none the less.

Speaking of explosive, here’s the final line art for one of the scenes from the Beast Legion animated opening I’ll be working on. 98 frames in total is going to be a nightmare to color but I’m going to see this three. If you want to help in ciobntributing towards this animation effort, please please do consider supporting me on Patreon ( All backers will get a special credit once the animation is done (I’m assuming it’ll take around 5-6 months to do solo given my full time job responsibilities). Every pledge helps.