First of, Winner of the Beast Legion color contes is Denise Randall. Congrats Denise! Hopefully the next color contest will have a better turnout.

So as some of you who follow me on Facebook already know, that I’m working on my next Naruto Fan Animation which I promise will outdo all the other ones that I have done earlier. Also I’m working on a big time side project as a pre production lead & at present we are looking for some good Anime styled Background artists. So if you have the talent or know some one who does kindly let me know. Also with Comic Con Bangalore approaching & preparing for the Wacom seminar I’ll be holding, time is short on my end, so BL updates might be irregular for the next few weeks. I will still try to remain on schedule & try not to miss out but if in case that happens please bare with me.

Also I would like to take the time to feature another Awesome webcomic that I came across & that’s Redtails dream which is beautiful full colored series with a great story & amazing Characters.

Redtail's Dream

Oh & be sure to come back here again after that. 😛