First of all, my sincere apology for the downtime of the website last week. There was a problem with the domain name & the host that needed to be sorted out. I want to thank all of you for a patience & support.

So many things happening this week. I only recently announced my second venture in webcomics in collaboaration with a friend , Patrick Ireland & am very proud to present to to you our webcomic , A Song Of Heroes. A Song of Heroes is another fantasy series based in the land of Emphyria & follows the exploits of Skaldor & his team of heroes in quest to find THe Proto-Skull an artifact that could change the whole landscape of the world if fallen into the wrong hands. The First Chapter however will introduce some of the villains in the series & their quest to find the artifact. The series is very Masters of the Universe/Thundercats inspired & I’m sure fans of those shows will enjoy it even more. So here goes.
A Song of Heroes-Fantasy Webcomic

And of course, The Mumbai Film’s & Comics Convention is just round the corner on the 19th, 20th & 21st at the Bombay Exhibition Center , Goregaon, . I will be launching Beast Legion Vol 3 (chapters 9-11) there & will also carry very limited sets of Beast Legion Vols 1 & 2. Not only that I will be carrying my naruto posters in limited quantities. I Can’t wait to be oldd friends & new readers. The special Launch seassion will take place on 20th Dec at 1 pm. I hope you’ll be there to support me & my work. Gonna be Fun! See you there!

Comic Con

And Lastly to all my fans, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!