Monday will be a double spread page which I’m sure you’ll enjoy. I’ll try my best to se if I can color it, but I have a job interview as well, so no guarantee. However always looking for your feedback.

Been a super hectic week! Completed over a dozen commissions & working on creating some new posters which will be up at the Mumbai Comic Con. Maybe even for sale, we’ll see. Haven’t real;ly had time to work on a new incentive but I will try to have something up by tomorrow. But please keep your votes coming.

And for those of you who dont already know, we now have an Facebook page, so if you are a regular reader & have an FB account, do head on over to & join up for the latest news & happenings related to the Manga. I could always use more Support.

Remember for ever tweet you make, everytime you ‘like’ , everytime you comment, you earn points which can be redeemed for punchtab rewards.

Also allow me to direct you to a manga created by my friend. Just added it to the links section & I’m certain you’ll enjoy the read.