Check out the page. One of my favourites from chapter 11. What is this Salvation Grotto speaks of?

This month has been a horrible one for me. I only recovered 2 days back from a 2 week long migraine attack. Thankfully woith god’s grace everything is back on track inclufing the creative juices. So while I’m here I thought I’d share two character redesigns from on of my favourite Child hood shows, Teenake Mutant Ninja turtles. Hope you guys enjoy these redesigns of Shredder & Kraang & keep checking my deviantart page for more in the next few days. Also commissions will open soon for a limited period so make sure you follow my journal on DA. Enjoy…

Shredder Redesign by JazylH on DeviantArt

KRAANG – TMNT Redesigns by JazylH on DeviantArt