…And we’re back.

Really sorry for the small hiatus. My room is still under renovation but I managed to relocate my PC temporarily. Also was down with a flu for the last 5 days & finally recovering, but there was no chance I could miss today’s update & I assure you, you guys are gonna love it.

Also I big shout of thanks to all our readers for voting today on TWC, we raised over 130 votes in just 5 hours. I have uploaded a new incentive image. Again to keep voting please visit http://topwebcomics.com/vote/10947/default.aspx

Now back to the page at hand, I wonder if you guys will enjoy Fyre’s approach towards Xeus but i hope you like the page. Also please feel free to share it the best you can. I could use all the help after the small hiatus to get the comic back in the active webcomic realm.

Lastly as some of you know i was approached to do an animation for a musivc video by Dan Le Sac. It’s finally up on youtube & I’ve been credited there. Had some Awesome help from my buddy Milton Das with the Bgs. Hope you enjoy the vid. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PzPBD69UI3g