Not much to say today except that I’ve been working on a Naruto Animation that I’ll unveils soon. Other than that I hope you’ll enjoy the page. Remember to vote for us tomorrow when the web comic rankings reset. Just click on the button above the comic.

On another note I do want to promote the work of two of my best friends who Have no made a mark in the Indian comic industry with their phenomenal styles & one of their works has even got an Anime coming in 2012. So here introducing Devmalya Parmanik ( & the Xong Bros ( Devmalya has recently blown me away by his Awesome work for LevelTen Comic’s character ‘Daksh’ whereas the Xong Bros are infamous for their cricket based Anime series Batu Gaiden which is one brilliantly Illustrated ongoing comic. Do check their works…I’m sure you guys will become fans as well.