FIRST off, once again a big thanks to all of you for voting for the BEAST LEGION in such high numbers at TWC. It really means alot to me & I’m very glad the the vote count is growing every month. You guys are Awesme & please keep voting for us at

So this past week revealed some really cool Anime lined up for this quarter & I for one am very excited about 2 of them. First off we have Kingdom heading into season 2. An anime that i never really cared for initially but made me a total fan within 6 eps. After that, yesterday I came across a series called Makai Ouji; demons & Realist which seems to be looking great as well after the first ep. a good monday replacement after the Awesomeness the was Suisei no Gargantia.

In any case coming back to Beast Legion, hope you enjoy the page. And also here’s a Skeletor anime styled redesign I wanted to share with those who don’t follow my work on Deviantart or FB. Enjoy.

Skeletor Anime-Style redesign by *JazylH on deviantART