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For those of you who don’t know, July 5th Marks the the 5th Anniversary of The Beast Legion. I can’t believe how fast time flies & it’s been such a fun roller coaster of an experience running this webcomic. I’ve learnt so many things from this journey. 11 chapters & 555 pages so far. I’ve decided to give you guys, the fans, something in return for your constant support towards my series & hope this year we see the fan base of the series sky rocket.

So to celebrate this momentous event, From now till July 15th I’m going to give away hi-rez digital pdfs of Beast Legion #1-#6. You heard that right … completely free. So head on over to the following link & download it NOW!! Remember offer closes July 15th 2015.


Also here’s a first look at the Xeus statue currently in the making. Will be posting progress pics as they are available.


As most of you know, I have a goal for Beast Legion and as impossible or far fetched as it may sound I want to see the series turned into an anime sometime down the line. However easier said than done, to even think about pitching a project the comic needs to have a huge fanbase first Living in India where comics is still not a very mainstream profession & webcomics have an even lower coverage it is very difficult to maintain a consistent reader base. However advertising abroad requires a very expensive promotion mechanism whoich is currently way out of my reach. So my only hope is you the fans. If you enjoy reading the episodes do come back every Monday for a new page, subscribe to our RSS feed & please help plug thew series on social media as well as your friends. I’m always looking for constructive feedback on the story, so don’t hesitate to share your thoughts on the pages.

Together with your help I’m certain we can take the series to the next level. So Join me & Help Unleash the BEAST!!!