Xeus taking chances with wierd theory which somehow always work. XD

Enjoy the page. I still can’t contain my excitement knowing the site is back up.

There will also be a another Page Update on Friday. And then again two pages next week.

Secondly a request to all my readers. A close friend of mine Anosh Mohta has been selected as a finalist for a national model hunt here in India & there is 3 days left for public voting. He’s in second place with a 1000 votes short, a gap which can be easily filled if enough people vote. You can vote for him once every 10 mins but any & all votes would be appreciate. To vote for him please visit http://ww.itimes.com/freshface/mumbai . I want to do all I can to help him realize his goals. So please do pitch in & Help isf possible.

And don’t forget to like,, tweet, share , stumble this page & help spread word of Beast Legion’s return. Thanks you all for being so supportive these last 5 weeks. Means alot.