Here goes. As promised! a special full color splash page to start off a brand new issue 12 of the series. I trust you guys are enjoying the ride. I would always love to hear more of your thoughts & feedback though. A hi rez version of this artwork is available to all patrons who support me on Patreon

And in other news, I have updated my Patreon totally. From now on I will be sharing not only Beast Legion related stuff there, but a lot of my original works & fan arts as well, not to forget my latest fan animations. And for higher backers, you will have access to original psds of some of my best works including art, comics & animation. I may also do live tutorials from time to time in the next couple of months. So I would be very grateful if you could check out my patreon page at Even if you cannot contribute, please do kelp spread the link.

I will soon have a section up on te site where I’ll be listing all my backers. So lots to come. Last but not the least below are two characters from my #AnimeAted line up… where i pick a few friends & transform them into anmime style character fitting the naruto universe…

#AnimeAted Naruto OC's – Ayush by JazylH on DeviantArt

#AnimeAted Naruto OCs – Juhi by JazylH on DeviantArt