Grotto sends out his trusted sprite to give Brilight back up.

So It’s been a few hard weeks getting back on track… health wise & work wise. I haven’t been able to do Beast Legion page in 3 weeks thanks to all this (Thank god for buffers) . However another problem now is the lack of advertising avenues like Project Wonderful & Stumbleupon to reach out to new readers and as most of you know Social media reach these days has been at a record low given the ever changing algorithms. I was wondering if you guys would happen to stumble upon some decent alternatives to this as I’m really looking to promote the comic more intensely in the coming month. I’m working really hard on this concept & I want to get the story out to as many people as possible as you the readers motivate me to keep this project going. Hoping to get some responses.

For now enjoy today’s page, It’s going to eat up soon.