8 years of Beast Legion calls for a special Anniversary Poster & I hope you all dig it. Comic will continue next week with a new page.

It almost feels like yesterday, when i was contemplating whether i should release the comic in print or on the web. It’s been such a thrill ride fills with ups & downs but I’m so glad a decided to run this as a webcomic as there have been so many lessons I’ve learned over these years from marketing comics to streamlining my stories. I’ve made so many friends along the way, nominated for over 12 awards, won 4 & got so many awesome work opportunities thanks to this step I decided to take.

I really want to see this fan base grow & only you the readers can make it happen. I don’t know how much the story has connected with each of you or how strongly you feel but I look forward to your support in spreading the word. At times i really wish i could devote my full efforts to the series someday & pitch it to a network. But for now I will do my best to keep updating it in what little time I get between work hours.

If you guys wish to support my endeavours, the best way is to share the series with your friends or you can support me by funding me monthly over at www.patreon.com/jazylh & get some pretty cool illustration goodies each month.. Over the next few months I’m also contemplating about putting the series on Amazon so that it is more accessible to new readers. The adventurer will continue & get more exciting with each & every chapter. So satay with me on this journey & be sure to like, comment & share.

Much love