….Well there’s gratefulness for ya.

Hoping everyone enjoyed yesterdays April Fol update. 😀 Also if you enjoy the series, please do spare a sec & vote for us at http://topwebcomics.com/vote/10947/default.aspx .

Those last 3 updates have really spiked up traffic to the site so I’m glad Fyre is doing her part. Xeus will be appearing again very soon but there’s still a few pages in between.

I also did a fun Naruto fan animation based off one of the chapters & thought I’d share it here in case any Naruto fan drop by. Been working really hard on hit & happy with the turn out. Enjoy.

So once again a very special colored page by Express Comics creator Sushobhan Sengupta. Hope you enjoy it. If you are a regular reader I really would like to hear your comments & feedback on the comic so far… Trust me it’ll help frame better issues as time goes by..