Grotto plans to temporary seal Fyre’s Phoenix….

So initially I was going to post this colored page as a patreon exclusive, but since this is the big 550th page of the series. So hope you all enjoy it.

I’m apologizing for removing the previous poll a made 2 days back regarding the NSFW art choice. But I really need you guys to take the current poll. I’f really really appreciate it as I would like to know what my readers expect of me. feel free to comment as well As I want to make sure my Patreon campaign gives out it’s beast to he people who support me on the platform.

I should probably write a separate blog entry for this as the post is a bit emotional but I’ll keep it restricted to the current page for now. Someone last night raised a question the I was uploading the comic way too slow. He even went as far as to saying I should get my schedule in line with Echiro Oda Sensie’s recently published schedule. This honestly kept me up for the whole of last night & that doesn’t happen very often. It probably is true & I would like nothing more than to increase the comic updates back to twice a week but I don’t earn much directly from this comic or the ads as most people today run adblocker softwares. But making money off the site was never my intention. I simply want to share my story in the best possible visual medium I can present on my own. I wish I could make this comic my sole priority too but I have a life & bills need to paid. Hence I work not only full time but as a freelance artist on two other comics ‘ A Song of Heroes’ & another comic that will come out this October.

My full time job as an animator takes up most of my time & I’m left with 3 hours a day every midnight to work on this comic & my freelance work. To break down my process it takes me 15-30 mins to layout the thumbnails, an hour or two to create the line art & another hour to gray shade it. Add colors & you add another 2 hours in the process cycle. Still I’m happy to say that I’ve been running the comic non stop for the last 5 years without any long breaks. I’m also very happy that I have some backers on Patreon which help me raise enough funds to may for the hosting & web designing fees as well as pay for part of my electricity bills. I’m not sobbing or crying for money. I will continue making thios comic as long as I possibly can & it will continue to remain free. But I can’t make it my full time affair unless i start earning from it. So even If you are areader I only request you to once visit my Patreon page & check it out in detail. As far as I know I have over 4500+ active readers, even if 20% of those can contribute $1 or 2/month via Patreon I can easily give majority of mine towards the series. And ofcourse there’s plenty of rewards for the backers starting from the $1 pledge & especially for aspiring artists & animators who I share my original animation files & psds.

Still, being realistic, that may take over a year or more judging at the pace it’s going. But I just had to put my perspective forward forward. I thank you all for visiting the site Each week & enjoying my work. Please continue to share, like & help spread the word so that more people get a chance to read Xeus’s epic adventures.