Desperate times, call for desperate measures. But was it necessary to throw your life away, Xeus? :(

It’s been such an Awesome week & so many things to share. Hope everyone had a great Halloween! Just want to thank all the fans for the Awesome voting response on Topwebcomics this month. Seriously you guys are the BEST! Not sure how much longer we can stay in 2nd place but please do keep voting daily. There will be a surprise mid month voting incentive too. Also not sure how many of you know, but Beast Legion also has a Tapastic mirror. If you are on there please subscribe to the comic.

The second Awesome news I wanted to share with all of you was that I got a surprise feature over at GeekTyrant & what made it more special is that it was He-man related… Yeah GeekTyrant did a feature on some of my Anime Style MOTU character designs. You can read the feature at

And the third news is Der Shing Helmer of the The Meek featured a recent art I did of one of her characters. I feel really great as this was the webcomic that actually gave me the resolve to start my own & I’m happy to get a chance to support it on Patreon.

And Lastly, Dragos will be part of the next NSFW Patreon piece…Not sure how I’m going to manage that, but i will some how… So keep checking the PATREON page this week for that special art.

Oh And speaking of Halloween for those who don’t visit our FB PAGE heres a one time look at Halloween Special – Dark Fyre…

And just to lighten the mood of the current page…ENJOY!