So here we go… Njora & Xeus meet again & it seems like another argument is about to begin.

Had to take a Friday break cause I’ve been painstakingly working on Issue 9, which is going a bit slow as well as another Naruto fan animation. I hope you guys are enjoying the chapters so far. Readership has been growing since the last 4 days & I’m very happy. So to all new readers if you can spare a moment, please leave your feedback in a comment. I try to respond to every comment.

Also I’m planning to start an Indiegogo micro funding campaign to raise funds for promoting the comic more aggressively online. Living in India & paying for online advertising is a major bother thanks to the currency conversions & I’ve been meaning to do this for a while. If any of you guys have experience with this, please do share some tips as it’s my first time.

Hope ya’ll Enjoy today’s page.