6 Years of Beast Legion… It seems like only yesterday!!

Forgiveness is the first step towards moving forward in life…A forgiving Fyre comes to terms with her rage… The battle is at an end… but not the chapter..

I know some people might have expected a different outcome, I had 3-4 options of where this battle would go but this one was the most logical to choose. If Fyre lost her cool here she would have ended up full circle. Also since I wasn’t there to promote the comic during the first few days it seems like we’ve taken quite a beating over at Topwebcomics.com but I hope you ,my readers, will once again start voting in large numbers.

Also I have to take some time out and promote another topic. My buddy James Eatock has been working tooth & nail to make the Official He-man channel as informative as possible with his amazing video documentaries. I had the pleasure of meeting him in person & his love for classic MOTU knows no bounds. He’s operating this channel out of pure passion & I think every He-man fan or even casual watchers of the series should subscribe to this. Here’s just one of the many videos with scenes may have never seen in the original show.Do subscribe, the channel needs all the love it can get.