First of all apologies to all my Patrons on Patreon. What the early access page I posted last night will actually be shared online next week. I made a split second decision to create a new page reading one of the comments on page 31 & I just had to show an interaction between Xeus & his Beast form. Don’t worry, to make up for it, next weeks page will be FULL colour once again.

It has been a truly eventful week. I got some brilliant advice from webcomic veteran, Mr. Philip Hofer regarding my website as well as some really cool tips to get my work out there. If you are planning to launch a webcomic or you’re a budding webcomic artist, support the man on Patreon & get some Awesome advice!

Also check this Awesome piece of animation out by my budd, Micheal Winn who has been working tooth & nail on his project ArmsMasters. He truly deserves the love & respect for realeasing this awesome piece of animation, mostly done single handedly.

Also now you can use Facebook, & twitter to comment on the latest Beast Legion pages thanks to the Jetpack plugin i recently installed. Please do your best to help spread the word so that more and more people enjoy this comic I love creating.