Never thought preparing for a Comic Con would be this tiring. Been running around for the last 3 days to get some good quotes for offset printing for the comics i will be selling there. But Saturday was an awesome day. Got to meet so many like minded people & comic creators from my city at the Leaping Windows Monthly meet. Definitely will be heading for these often from now on.

I still need you to join my FB page for the comic when you have the time. Remember if we reach 200 members within the next 3 days, extra update to follow, plus a special “Thank you Incentive”. Hope all of you who check out the site join up & make this comic that much more special.

EDIT: Hey guys, I understand the typo error on the page. Have replaced it & it should take effect in some time.

Get Ready, cause the story is going to shake things up from here on…Destiny will take it’s course…