With both players at their limit, Xeus pulls off one final counter attack… but what is he planning?

Hope you all are enjoying the series so far. Issue 13 is coming to a climax soon. There’s a few pages in issue 14 that I am trying to revisit so that it makes your reading experience a lot more better. Also the intro is very close to completion & all that remains now is to find someone to create proper original score so I can upload it online. Want to thanks all my patrions for believing in me thus far. all $5+ patrons will be displayed during the intro. I wil;l keep adding patrons who contribute that amount till November 31st. So if you wish to see your name in the credits, all you have to do is support my work by pledging $5 monthly at www.patreon.com/jazylh.

Here’s another still from the intro, if you haven’t voted on Topwebcomics already.

Beast Legion intro Still 2

Also I’m so happy to announce that me & the amazing Emily Chan, Creator of Stupid Fox have collaborated on this project & she’s delivered 2 breathtaking Bgs . It’s sop amazing when two artists unite & the results turn out seamless. Here they are.

Ruined village
Citadel if Lithopia

Enjoy the page & look forward to your thoughts.