So today marks the second Anniversary of the comic. Can’t believe it’s two years already. So many ups & downs & such a great learning experience this comic has been for me. I’ve made so many great friends because of it & have had so many opportunities open up. I hope you’ll continue to stay with the story & enjoy the adventures as they unfold. I hope this year brings in new readers & hope we can make this site more interactive.

Brilight displays his offensive power for the first time, I don’t want to reveal what Nova storm exactly does just yet as I’m leaving it for a much later ep but you’ll get a basic idea. However as exciting as this page is I urge you bot to miss Friday’s update (which will apparently be the 300 th page)unless you’re under 15 reader. I bet it’s going to raise some brows, better or for worse I’m sure we’ll find out on Friday.

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