And so begins a new adventure… Can Xeus & Fyre overcome this giant obstacle or will their meeting with the hermit end before it ever began…

That being said this is also the start of something new… Today I launched A Patreon campaign for the comic. Patreon is crowdfunding website where users pledge a monthly amount on various activities. I’ll be grateful if all of you fans would visit the page. Any amount is appreciated & there are some really cool rewards in store for those who pledge their patronage towards the comic. However even if you cannot pledge an amount, I humbly request you, the fans, to please share the vcampaign page to the best of your ability through social media & among your friends.

The reason I’ve started this campaign is to raise funds to take Beast Legion promotion to the next level & broaden the fan base & each and everyone of you can help in a big way. Here is the link….

For now… enjoy today’s page. :)