Master Grotto has his own ways to welcome the Shadow Nexus… Find out in the next page!

Things have been really busy for me over the past 4 months as I was engaged on freelance work with an animation show that will release in early 2020. Hectic stuff , so very little time to work on my personal art skills or developing anything significant. But it’s all done now & I’m going to take the coming month off And start focusing in my personal as well as fan animated stuff. Also I’m planning to close my old Youtube channel over at & start a new one since I can’t monetize any of my videos, as my adsense account was banned when this site crashed in 2014. So lots of stuff on my mind which I need to slowly work out, but please stay with me & keep supporting my work, including this comic.

Also there’s plenty of more art I’ve added to my Redbubble store. so If you are a fan of Anime, 80s cartoons, there’s something there for each & everyone of you. So do take a moment to visit.