Hey guys, first of I can’t thank each & every one of you enough for you patience & support in getting the site back up. My site has finally been transferred to a new host & is now under my complete control. Almost all the problems have been sorted out apart from some layout issues which will also be fixed this week. I’m not a coder so there are some issues that will be fixed by my friend & web developer. I know I’ve probably lost a huge amount of readership in the proocess which I’ll get to know after today’s update but I request all of you who visit this page today to please share the comic as much as you canm on all your social media platforms or otherwise. I’m doing my best on my end but it’s not an easy task until you guys pitch in.

As of now, the main issue to be address is the navigation buttons below the comic, the right side bar & an unnecessary plug in that’s taking up site resources. Until then I can only request you to please use the ‘Archive’ dropdown to navigate through the comic.

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And hope you enjoy today’s page as Xeus is headed to assist Fyre in her struggle. And again thank you for coming back!