Apologies for no update last week. There’s a lot that’s been happening on the work front & deadlines had to be met. That And I’ve been totally catching up on the Awesomeness that is Game of Thrones. Only 2 seasons completed so have a long way to go but boy is it a gripping show. Any of you care to share your favourite characters from this Awesome show.

And alot of you probably already know I’m a huge Masters of the Universe fan here. And if you are too, do not forget to grab your copy of the Amazing Masters of the Universe artbook at Amazon. It’s worth every cent… Here’s the link.

Mine would be Bran, Arya, Tyrion & Briene.

But here we go. New page is up & I hope you all enjoy it. More room for our heroes to test out their power as the new training ground is unveiled. Enjoy.