Another one of my fave page turnouts. I felt this page didn’t require any dialogue & solely needed to concentrate on action. What do you all feel?

I honestly am amazed and overjoyed that we are still maintaining the top 10 slot this time, even though it’s day 7. I’m grateful to all of you who have been voting. Hoping we can keep the momentum going.Trust me this is only the start of a battle that will see some awesome twists & one of them is coming very soon. :)

In other Awesome news Beast Legion Vol 2(Chapters 5-8) have been nominated for the Best Webcomic category at the Comic Con India Awards. Wish me luck & don’t forget to drop by our FB page.

Also please take a moment to check out my pal Roy’s webcomic series, Death retainer over at It’s a supernatural manga styled series.

So stay tuned & enjoy the series! :) Look forward to your thoughts on today’s page.