Special thanks to guest colorists Adarsh & Vivek for the colored page. Be sure to check Adarsh’s DA page at http://fawsyl.deviantart.com/ & Vivek’s page at http://paganflow.deviantart.com/. Both of them are open for combo commissions atm.

It’s here. Unlike the previous issues this one is going to be all out serious. I promise you that you’ll get all your dose of action & drama in this issue. Sorry for the one week break but it had to be taken preparing the issues for print for Mumbai Comic Con on October 20th & 21st as well as recovering from an Awesome Bangalore con.

I’m very happy to announce that the whole print run this time has been sponsored thanks to some very generous sponsors. Now moving on to the page. I Hope you enjoy it. New voting incentive will also go up in an hour or two.