The long awaited debute of Fyre starts with this page & you can tell she’s not kidding around. I’m looking forward to what you guys think of this as Fyre received an Amazing response in the first Beast Legion Fan Art contest coming second only to Xeus without even appearing in the comic. I kinda created the scene taking one on the ending themes of Fairy tail the Anime into mind.

That’s it for this issue. My last post before I head for Comic Con India this Wednesday. Beast Legion has been nominated for the ‘The Beast Webcomic’ Category so please send your wishes our way. we need em. :) Hope you enjoyed issues 6. I’m guessing you have a clear idea what to expect for the next issue which will start wither on the the 27th of Feb. If you are a frequent visitor of the comic I’d request you to please do take the poll on the top left & be brutally honest.

On another note, the past week was very interesting. Not only did Beast Legion hit the 300 page mark but out FB page has now crossed over 2000 fans. As always, Thanks for all your support!

Until then, have fun guys & hoping to see alot of you at the Second Annual COMIC CON India!!