Don’t for get to share this page. Get ready cause here two mainstream characters that will debut in this Issue. You already know one of them by now…

What can I say…The last week has been so exciting. Heading into Delhi for the Comic Con, I was nervous & stressed as I had no idea what to expect. But how things changed that night. Suddenly I find out Beast Legion won the Award for the Best Web Comic Series at the Comic Con India awards. Suddenly I felt more confident than ever & that confidence only grew as Comic Con progressed. Sold over 360 Beast Legion sets , got a chance to make so many new friends & fans, had a chance to meet the legendary Robert Krumb ,Chris Olveros of Drawn & Quarterly & was asked to Inaugurate the WACOM Bamboo Manga…Not sure if there’s ever anything more I could ask for.

So I decided to preponed the launch of Issue 07 today instead of the 27th & I certainly hope all of you who regularly read the manga join in & leave your feedback. Trust me guys, it’s what keeps me motivated to keep coming out with these issues. I hope that someday this comic reaches a fan base that is unparallel. It’s all thanks to you & your support. Just hoping I phrased that right!

Also I promised that I’d plug a new webcomic that has been recently started by my fellow Deviant artist Roe Mesquita & his wife, Lucy called ‘Adventures to Nowhere’. Do give it a go.

First page goes up on Monday.