Please give a the Animated file some time to load. It’ll be worth it.

My sincere apologies for missing last night’s update… Windows crashed on mre last afternoon. Thankfully formatting my main drive did the trick without any data loss… PHEW! But I so hope you guys enjoy this weeks fully animated page. Took me around 2 days to get this done with effects & all. It is completely animated in Photoshop.Theres so much to look forward to still. Just keep supporting the comic by spreading the word, be it likes, shares etc.

Also please I have started a new account on instagram for the comic. So if you are on there please be sure to follow. Also If you wish to support the comic in anyway please don’t forget to visit my Patreon page. I will be posting the 70 frame psd at the end of this month for backers. Enjoy!