It’s been a whirlwind of a month in January. Been working on 2 animated projects & another character design related project. I’m very happy that soon i’ll be able to share a fgew of the latter on my Deviantart Account. Also soon I’ll be opening commissions on deviantart to pay for certain expenses… so stay tuned

Also I’ve decided to host

now that Inkblazers has closed down. I request all of you fans to please subscribe to the series there even if you read it here. I plan to keep a 4-5 week delay between the updates there & on this site. Also for those of you who still don’t know, I have also been working on another webcomic project titled ‘A Song of Heroes’ & collaborating with Patrick Ireland & Santosh Pillewar. If you are a fan of fantasy, adventure & He-man, you definitley should check the full colored comic out.

Song of Heroes

Also check out & support the newly created Kickstarter by my friend Val Hochberg for one of the coolest webcomics out there, Mystery Babylon Book 3….

And lastly please vote for us on Topwebcomics. Staying on top there exposes the comic to new readers & a greater audience & your constant support to help me achieve that is greatly appreciated. A new incentive image awaits.

… Hope you enjoy the page. Total obliteration is what’s on Grotto’s mind.