First off, as you may already know, Facebook Comments are now active! All you need to do is Click the facebook button below the comments box & you’ll be automatically synchronized with the service.

On another note, I’m getting a feeling this week is going to be great. Can’t wait till Wednesday to check out Transformers-Dark of the Moon. I’ve loved the previous movies & I’m sure this one will not be an exception. Apart from that they revealed a bit more about the new thundercats series this past week & I’m so excited the July 29th will mark the nre series’ debut. Check out this article for some newly released images

Coming to the second part, today I wanted to share another comic that I’ve recently started reading & it’s called Everblue It’s a very well illustrated comic the follows the journey of a young girl Luna as she makes her way across an uncharted World with a bleak fate.

Chapter 03 Cover Page 33