The battle is over, a new bond is formed, but Evil is lurking at their doorstep. Here’s a full color page as we are one page away from the completion of this chapter. I trust you enjoyed this action packed chapter. Please consider supporting me over at Patreon, so I can devote more time to this series.

That being said, there are certain pages from Chapter 14 that I want to redraw as well as take some time off and come up with a better strategy to market this comic online to new fans. You fans are what keeps me motivated to continue this 7 year long journey. So I will be taking a little hiatus after this chapter & I hope you all can bear with me. I will return with the launch of the animated opening I’ve created as well as Chapter 14 once things are sorted in a month or so. Please bear with me till then. that being said, there’s still one more page after this one, sop stay tuned to next week. Much love!!

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