Today has been Amazing. probably one of the best Birthdays ever. So today I was overwhelmed at the love & support all my friends showed me both personally & online. Last two years have been the best years of my life & this year as got of to an Awesome start. I received so many Awesome art gifts from my buddies & I felt it only right to share it with my fellow readers here.

So I will be posting these art gifts throughout this week on the site. Some will be Beast Legion related, some won’t but i’ll still be featuring them regardless. Thanks for all you support & wishes for this series. I promise not to let anyone down both story & art wise.

Here’s an Awesome Interpretation of Dragos by a fellow super talented manga artist & great friend Varsha Chakera. Varsha’s style is always captivating & I’m sure you’ll agree with me once you see her art over at…

Also more Awesome news, Beast Legion has now been selected as featured comic over at For all my long term readers who’ve been with me through thick & thin I recommend you guys to drop by there once in a while & show your support. It won’t be at the same pace as the website but will still be updated every month with 30 pages.

Have fun with the fan art.