OK this is Big! Thanks to a few Amazing people from Deviantart who have offered their voluntary services, Most of the pages of Issue 6 online will be colored….I hope this brings a positive impact on both the comic & the site & I hope you readers enjoy that.

The Mumbai Comic con preparations are in full swing. I’m actually excited & both nervous at the same time. I hope B/W comic do well here in India & a get to sell some copies. It’s big experiment but I feel a risk worth taking once.

There may not be any Gallery update this Thursday but I will be revealing all 6 posters on Wednesay so stay tuned. And as always please do vote for us at topwebcomic on the 1st. I can only hope that Beast Legion can someday sustain it’s position in the top 100 & only you, my readers can make that possible. So please do vote for us.


But for now, hope you Enjoy the page!!!