…And someone is still sleeping in the job. 😛

Expect to see a few more color pages down the line guys. Also next Monday I’ll be revealing all 6 posters that will be up at Mumbai Comic con & let you decide which 4 are your faves… But for now please do scroll down & visit out poll. Your feedback & comments is really important. As I always say, I want to know what you ppl likle about the comic so that I can improve with eps to come…

Also todays incentive is up, so Please vote for us…Photobucket

Also today I’m not going to have a featured comic, instead direct you to an Amazing India comic recently released by my the very talented Vivek Goel named Ravanayan which focuses on the origin of the demon king Ravan from his childhood to his epic end. The first issue is out & you can check it out at… Photobucket